Sunday, February 10, 2013


This 10/10 was fun for me because the things I captured are normal things that I routinely do.

"We love the things we love for what they are." Robert Frost

 I love where I live! It is absolutely gorgeous! I run 3-4 times a week {last year I ran 500 miles! 500! that's crazy!}at an unquestionably early hour and the great thing about that is that I get to see the sunrise so often and it is never the same and always makes me appreciate this Earth and all that I have to be thankful for. I love how I feel when I run.  Alive.  I also love the friendships and bond I have with the girls that I run and have done races with.  Each one of them is amazing and I am lucky to have so many great friends who are incredible people.

Start of our run
End of our run

Good morning sunshine! He loves his ba (ball)

Carpool to school {100th day of kindergarten!}

This little miss is turning 3 this month and when I was taking her to a friends for a play date so that I could go into Carson's class and volunteer, I pulled over for an impromptu photo because she is too dang cute!

Carson is such a happy boy and always has been.  He always humming or singing and I love seeing him in his element.  I often wonder what he is thinking. hmm.

When Carson saw that I was there to volunteer he ran up to me...I think my heart melted right then!

I love how much he loves learning and his teacher says that he is a good listener and student.

Searching for the perfect spot

We brought home a rocket from Montana a few summers ago and for one reason or another never used it.  After much insistence and reminders I built the rocket.  I was pretty impressed with myself and what better way to finish off his 100th day of school than with a fun memory!

After the rocket went up and came down, Carson ran over to it and found this ignitor.  It was still warm and smelled like sulfur-he thought it was pretty cool!

Check out Aimee Confer from CePennsylvania Photographer:


  1. You are amazing with your early morning runs! I haven't been able to wake up early and work out since college. Love your photos this month! :)

  2. What a view on your morning runs! If I were a tad closer I would be thrilled to log those miles along with you. :)

  3. sweet pics. Love the at school ones. Those are so hard to get!LOL love the impromptu photo shoot too!

  4. What a beautiful family you have! And that sunrise pic - whew! Absolutely stunning.