Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I turned 30 last week and in reflecting on my last 30 years I have so much to be grateful for! I am happy with my life and consider myself to live a pretty charmed life thanks to the hard work of my wonderful husband.

With that said, no day is perfect; my house was clean until two little boys came over to play but that's what life is about right; making the most of each day and children have endless energy and sure know how to have fun!

This kid is a milk man. We like to joke that we should buy a cow!

For Easter the kids got chia pets and the seeds were sprouting! The kids were so excited!

 Owen is 100% not meant to be cooped up in a house! We are outside a lot and it's never enough! The good thing is that he's happy outside which keeps my sanity!

 These three boys have been friends since birth and have SO much fun together! They can play for hours and complain that they didn't get to play for very long.  I love how well they get along and their imaginations.

I had to laugh because I made cookies and they asked how many they could eat, I told them as many as you want! Their eyes got big and they polished them off! My Carson isn't a big eater and has THE best self control EVER; he only had 2 and I know the other boys ate at least 5 each---I hope they still had an appetite for their dinner!  Sorry!

 Mr. Knight was skeptical of my fort making skills so he gaurded from the couch.  

 My kids love pillow fights, even Owen.  He is our baby but he wants to be BIG.  
stop growing please!

Caitlin is missing from these pictures because she was at the beach partying it up without us! Our house just wasn't the same without our little princess.

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